Restoration Notes: A Day in the Life of a Railway Museum.

The SCSRA meets each Saturday at the Travel Town Museum in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. Current projects include the restoration of Santa Fe motorcar M.177, Installation of a new stub-switch and siding at the west end of the park, Rebuild of the #1 prime mover in EMC Model-40 "The Charley Atkins", and the construction of the Crystal Springs and Cahuenga Valley Railroad.

This week was very productive. The rebuild heads for the Winton gasoline engine arrived from the shop. They were lifted into the baggage compartment for safe storage. In the smoking compartment, paint stripping was completed and sanding finished. The walls are being filled and sanded in preparation for paint. The new sheet metal roof panels, which will replace the old masonite ones, arrived and will most likely be installed next week. Bryan Reese, our Project Manager, cut the pattern for the new linoleum to be laid in the engine compartment which will be installed this weekend as well. The various pieces of wood trim that were removed earlier in the year, were located and will be stripped and sanded this weekend. Greg Ramsey measured for the new sheet metal which will cover the wood paneling behind the toilet in the Smoking Compartment restroom, which has semi-disintegrated. This is a Santa Fe-style repair and it was decided to be the best, since the walls were to be painted anyway.

Stub Switch

No work was done this weekend.

Travel Town #1

The Charley Atkins and both cabooses were washed and cleaned in preparation for the Caboose rides held on the following day.

Cabooses: AT&SF 999110 / SP 4049

The Microphor toilet in the SP 4049 was bad ordered last week. Thomas Seal and Scott Muir repaired the defective unit, replacing a bad gasket on the flapper valve.

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