Restoration Notes: A Day in the Life of a Railway Museum.

The SCSRA meets each Saturday at the Travel Town Museum in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. Current projects include the restoration of Santa Fe motorcar M.177, installation of a new stub-switch and siding at the west end of the park, rebuild of the #1 prime mover in EMC Model-40 "The Charley Atkins" and the construction of the Crystal Springs and Cahuenga Valley Railroad.


The linoleum floor was cut and laid today in the engine compartment. It is notable that this is REAL linoleum, made in Scotland. It is a composite of ground cork, sawdust, and linseed oil. While expensive and hard to find, it is a substance which is very durable and will provide years of use. The panels beneath the windows in the smoking compartment were paint-stripped and sanded. That does it for the paint stripping. The replacement panels for the ceiling were primered and will be ready for installation next weekend.

Stub Switch

With the stub switch installation completed, the siding remains to be finished. The track gang was out today, laying ballast and extending the track. This new siding will provide valuable storage space, relieving the already overcrowded main yard.

Travel Town #1 - Charley Atkins

It was announced today that the #1 engine will be sent out to the Los Angeles Trade Technical College to be rebuilt. It is expected to be returned in 1-2 months. This was arranged through the efforts of Chris Rippy, a new Associate, and student at the college.

Cabooses: AT&SF 999110 / SP 4049

Re-assembly of the toilet for the SP 4049 was completed. An additional seat for the 4049 was given to us on permanent loan by SCSRA associate Robert Bennet which will expand the limited seating capacity in the caboose.

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