Restoration Notes: A Day in the Life of a Railway Museum

Saturday, March, 1996

The SCSRA meets each Saturday at the Travel Town Museum in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. Current projects include the restoration of Santa Fe motorcar M.177, Installation of a new stub-switch and siding at the west end of the park, Rebuild of the #1 prime mover in EMC Model-40 "The Charley Atkins", and the construction of the Crystal Springs and Cahuenga Valley Railroad. This page will be updated each Sunday.

Crystal Springs and Cahuenga Valley Railroad

At the expense of the City of Los Angeles, a new gate surrounding the maintenance yard was installed during the week. The misc. pieces of rail had to be cleared out of the way in order for the gates for the new right-of-way to be installed

Travel Town #1

The prime mover has been sent out for rebuilding. It is expected to be completed withing the month.


The new linoleum flooring was glued down, and the trim installed. Project Manager Bryan Reese reinstalled the engineer-side vents, as well a misc. other goodies to prepare the body for painting. The smoking compartment paint stripping was finished. Work has now begun on stripping the various trim pieces for the compartment. The new ceiling panels are expected to go up this weekend.

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