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SCSRA nameThe Southern California Scenic
 Railway Association, Inc. (SCSRA) former  vintage caboose 4049 with
 brand-new paint job as of May 2016 Fullerton Railroad Days
 at Fullerton Amtrak Station

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Welcome to the SCSRA website, which features activities of the Southern California Scenic Railway Association, Inc., a nonprofit educational corporation dedicated to promoting public appreciation of Southern California rail history and rail safety. The SCSRA's current focus is assisting the Southern California Railway Plaza Association (SCRPA), in their annual Railroad Days event, as well as their worthy long-range goal of realizing a first-class railroad museum, the Southern California Railroad Experience or SCRX. For more specifics, see our Mission Statement.

The SCSRA is comprised of all volunteers who not only have serious goals, but who also enjoy their interest in trains, often by getting together for dinners or train-themed activities. Perhaps you'd like to join us?

Check out the latest news and information about the Association and its activities by visiting the SCRPA's News and Calendar page. Be sure to drop by the Library and read the latest additions, such as The Seven Eras of Rapid Transit Planning in Los Angeles by Robert P. Sechler. There's also plenty of interesting reading in our newsletter archive. We welcome any literary submissions, and gladly feature articles written not only by SCSRA Associates, but anyone who wishes to contribute.

At right, former SP Caboose 4049 shows off brand-new paint at Fullerton Railroad Days 2016. Photo by Sue Kientz

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