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SCSRA Movies

Monthly Associate Events

SCSRA holds a monthly associates event, usually on the second or third Saturday of each month (see Calendar of Events for details). Often the event is a "movie night" and presents a train-themed movie along with a short subject and sometimes even a cartoon. Historical slide shows have also been presented.

Here are images and short movie clips from recent get-togethers:

  • Silent Movie Night, featuring clips from Buster Keaton movie The General; February 2002
  • Historical Slide Show on red and yellow cars, blue line construction, more; presented by Alan Weeks, March 2002; web design by Elliot Alper

Movies of SCSRA Operations

Here are some "home movies" of SCSRA Operations Days, which are held on the first weekend of each month. All are MPG files and may be too large to play directly. For best results, save the file to your computer (shift-click for Windows; option-click for Mac) and play locally:

Eastbound Train, closeup [448K]

Eastbound Train from North, pt. 1 [440K]

Eastbound Train from North, pt. 2 [344K]

Leaving Lunchbreak [256K]

Westbound Train, Brakeman's View [624K]

Westbound Train, closeup [344K]

Westbound Train, closeup [408K]

Westbound Train, Darlene as Hogger [344K]


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