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Membership Information

SCSRA and the Southern California Railway Plaza Association have merged their membership rosters, effective January 1, 2011. Renewing SCSRA members will renew with SCRPA beginning in 2011. SCSRA's life members are automatically considered SCRPA members, for life, and are not required to pay annual dues.

If you have been an SCSRA member, and you did not get your SCRPA membership renewal letter, please visit SCRPA Membership for their membership application, fill it out, and write "Renewal from SCSRA" on the form.

SCSRA members who move to SCRPA membership will automatically be members of SCSRA's newly formed Railway Operations Committee (ROC), a new committee of SCRPA. We are in process of electing a chairman of the ROC. More developments will be published in the Hot Rail! newsletter.

New members can join SCRPA by visiting SCRPA Membership, which provides a membership application you can filll out and mail in.


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