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SCSRA at Fullerton Railroad Days 2006


Our booth is just a few steps away from where we were last year, and like last year, we are sharing it with the Historical and Modeling Committee. It will be a big booth and we'll have our stuff interspersed with H&MC. See Railroad Days 2006 Layout diagram for exact position (just above the middle, look above "FRPA" - we're no. 204).

What To Bring

What to Wear:

  • If possible, Brakemen's clothing! I have 2 brakemen hats I can bring, to lend. One is a conductor's hat, I think.
  • If not possible, your Orange Staff Shirt from last year, if you have it (Dan and Jeff might have more left; e-mail them and ask).
  • If you don't have an orange or similar shirt, wear white shirt and dark pants (the usual car attendant outfit), or engineer coveralls.
There is no 'official' outfit, really, so just use common sense, or ask Sue if you need guidance.

Food, Water: An ice chest with ice will be available, but we won't be providing drinks. Bring your own sodas or water, and we'll keep it cool for you.

Money, Valuables: You'll want money to buy things and food, but do not leave purses or wallets or backpacks with valuables UNATTENDED in the booth. We're not going to be able to watch everyone and everything with visitors to attend to, and cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Caboose Info

George's Caboose: CRSX 1002

  • The CRS stands for Coast Rail Services. The X is there because it's a privately owned car.
  • Originally with the Burlington Northern (BN), CRSX 1002 saw service in the Pacific Northwest. It was originally painted green with yellow ends.
  • The caboose was built in 1980.
  • George bought the caboose in 1996 in Spokane, WA. He had it completely rebuilt and repainted, and it is now 100% operational and in pristine-like condition.
  • This working caboose is a cupola type. Remember to help guests up and down from the cupola seats.
George's beautifully restored cupola caboose!

Money Handling

DONATIONS are our prime focus this year!

  • A $10 or more donation will get them a free SCSRA T-shirt (while supplies last)
  • A $25 or more donation includes a Membership for 2006, as well as a free T-shirt (again, while supplies last) and several train-themed post cards.
    • Membership packets will be made up for you to hand out to anyone donating $25 or more.
    • Packets will include a membership form, post cards, printed calendar of events, and whatever else I have around. You will have to put the T-shirt of their choice into the packet.
  • Make out a receipt for each donation.

We'll be selling

  • Train Whistles ($1 each)
    • Mike V will have a cash box for donations and Whistle sales.
    • Fill out a receipt for each sale. You don't have to collect tax; Mike figures that out later.

Selling Memberships

Should you sell memberships for SCSRA?

  • Our focus rather is accepting donations for our Caboose Transportation costs, but if someone wishes to join,] or donates $25 or more, sign them up!
  • Remind anyone who qualifies for the membership that we are on a CALENDAR year, and their membership is for the remainder of the year only. We are not giving a free extra year any longer. The reason: we need all our funds for the caboose move costs.

Track Work

Track work is currently on hold. If anyone expresses interest, however, we should get their name, phone number, and e-mail address.

2006 Staffing Schedule

Both Days

Special Assignments: Dan Price, Jeff Barrow
Photographer/Injured Reserve: Elliot Alper

Saturday May 6

A.M. Setup (report 6:30-7 A.M.)

Dan Price (Track display) Jeff Barrow (Track display) Darlene Sexton (Track display) Greg Smith (Booth setup) Sue Kientz (Booth setup) Cash drawer setup, around 8 a.m.: Mike Vitale


Booth: Mike Vitale (cash drawer) Gordon Bachlund Sue Kientz (breaks/fill-in) CSRX 1002 Mike DiCerbo Jim Hoffmann

noon-2:30 p.m.

Booth: Mike DiCerbo (cash drawer) Sue Kientz CSRX 1002 Jim Hoffmann Greg Smith

2:30-5 p.m.

Booth: Jim Hoffmann (cash drawer) Sue Kientz CSRX 1002 Mike DiCerbo Greg Smith

Evening and Overnight - FRED NEEDS PEOPLE to stay Friday and/or Saturday eve or come early Saturday or Sunday, to watch the booths. We'll have several police officers, but the more extra bodies watching the booths, the safer we'll be. E-mail me if you can help!

Sunday May 7


Booth: Gordon Bachlund (cash drawer) Jim Hoffmann Mike DiCerbo CSRX 1002 Charles Forsher Greg Smith

noon-2:30 p.m.

Booth: Greg Smith (cash drawer) Charles Forsher Sue Kientz (breaks/fill-in) CSRX 1002 Jim Hoffmann Mike DiCerbo

2:30-5 p.m.

Booth: Greg Smith (cash drawer) Jim Hoffmann Sue Kientz (breaks/fill-in) CSRX 1002 Mike DiCerbo Charles Forsher

Teardown (5-6:30 p.m.)

Booth teardown: Charles Forsher Jim Hoffmann Greg Smith Mike DiCerbo Dan Price Jeff Barrow Sue Kientz and whoever else is still around to help Cash drawer close: Mike Vitale

Thanks for volunteering! See you there!


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