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We Did It! June 13, 2006, 6 a.m. until 7 p.m., and our cabooses are now in Fullerton!

Oct 14, 2006: SCSRA raised the final amount needed to cover the move costs by deaccessing its surplus track material held at Fullerton. The funds obtained not only pay the nearly $12,000 move and permit costs, but cover our remaining legal costs, liability insurance costs for cabooses for the next two years, and leave a modest amount to start a restoration fund for the cars.
Thanks to ALL who helped us reach our goal!!

The Cabooses Made It to Fullerton!

The Great Day Came at Last. On June 13, 2006, a team of SCSRA associates led by SCSRA Treasurer and Board Member Michael Vitale and assisted by crane and truck contractors, moved the AT&SF Cupola Caboose No. 999110 and SP Bay-Window Caboose No. 4049 from Travel Town in Griffith Park, to Fullerton Metrolink Station.

What a Day! Starting at 6 a.m. in the morning, Mike and associates Dan Price, Jeff Barrow, Darlene Slosar, Sue Kientz, and Elliot Alper met the trucks and crane people on the west side of Travel Town's Track 8. Dan, Jeff, and Darlene had prepared the cars the day before, and soon the trucks and crane were in position for loading. Several hours later, the car bodies were on the move, as the wheelsets were loaded separately. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS LATER, at the stroke of 4 p.m., the cars rolled into Fullerton Station -- after trimming many a tree on the way, which dared to grow below our 17 ft. hard-won clearance on the Cupola caboose.

By then, the crane (unencumbered by height problems) had beat us to Fullerton along with the truck bearing the four wheelsets, and the cars were (compared to the tear-down) quickly reassembled. It seemed unreal that we finally had our cabooses in Friendly Fullerton! SCSRA Board Member and FRPA President George Engelage and FRPA Board Members Dick Hopping, Bob Root, Dennis White, Harold Benash, George Barlow, and Terry Galvin came by to offer their congratulations that the feat was accomplished ... and, of course, to take pictures!


Move Costs Totalled $11,707.50

We estimated that our transportation costs would be in the $10,000 range, and fundraising brought us to nearly $1,000 of that goal. However, once the actual move took place, we were presented with bills that were almost $2,000 more of our target. We also had a final bill from our legal battle of more than $1,000. Rather than continue to ask for money, SCSRA felt it best to revisit its track material cache and sell for scrap any and all surplus items. In this way, we finally reached and surpassed our move goal.

Our next steps are,

  1. Insure the cabooses liability-wise, so we can begin to have activities with them, e.g., tours, parties, etc., starting in 2007, and
  2. Begin to plan for the two cars' restoration. Both need painting, some interior reupholstery work, and other restoration.


Towards $12,000 Goal






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